Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feeling Like a Real Newbie!

This is a big day for me.  This is my first-ever blog post!  Also, I just became an Ambassador for Barefoot Books, thanks to my cousin and Team Leader, Sara. 

Although I've worked in marketing and fundraising in the past, I've always had a major aversion to sales.  The very thought of it makes my pulse speed up, but I'm pretty sure this is really all about the fear of rejection.  A former boss once told that we should always operate one step outside our comfort zone, or we'll never grow as a person.  I completely agree, but I'm not always great at taking this advice.  However, becoming an Ambassador means I've taken a giant leap outside my comfort zone!

So, why, might one reasonably ask, have I done such a crazy thing?  At the risk of sounding too "salesy", I love the Barefoot Books products.  My daughter is about to turn one, and I'm very interested in finding beautiful developmental books and toys for her.  It's also important to me that she learn to respect others and our planet, and develop her creativity.  Barefoot Books products really fit the bill for me.

I'm starting off by dipping my toe into the Barefoot waters.  I've posted something on my Facebook page, and updated my LinkIn profile to include this new role and my Barefoot website (  I also added a link to my personal email signature, but I find myself wondering if this is too much.  It's important to me to share these great products with my friends and family, but I never want to make them feel pressured in any way.  I'm really interested in hearing about how others - within the Barefoot community and outside it - have managed to strike the right balance.