Are you looking for a way to raise money or books for your school or nonprofit organization?  Would you like to promote reading, but want an alternative to the more commercial book fairs that predominate in many schools?  I can help!

Giving back is one of the core values at Barefoot Books, and it's an important value in my personal and professional lives.  I can create a fundraiser that fits your school's or organization's needs.  Each event is fully customized, but the general categories tend to be:
  • Cash and Carry.  I bring my inventory to your location, and guests purchase items to take with them. 
  • Orders.  I bring display products and order forms to your location, and guests place orders for the items they want to purchase. 
  • Online.  I provide a unique URL and button for you to distribute electronically, and guests place online orders using this link.  This is a great option for organizations seeking a "green" fundraising option, as well as organizations too far from me to do an in-person fundraiser.  Please visit the Online Fundraisers page for more information.
Regardless of the form your fundraiser takes, I'll bring all of the necessary inventory, display pieces, catalogs, and order forms, and will staff the event myself.  If you opt for an order-based event, I'll organize and deliver the orders, ready for distribution or pick-up.  I take pride in making my events as effortless as possible for my nonprofit and school partners.  Once the fundraiser is complete, your school or nonprofit will receive a percentage of the event's sales in either money or books.

Contact me to discuss putting together the right fundraiser for your nonprofit or school.