Sell Barefoot Books

Your Own Business
Selling Barefoot Books is a great way to run your own small business!  You can design your business in a way that best fits your schedule and lifestyle: home parties, fundraisers, community events, partnerships with other business, online - you decide!  Barefoot Books Ambassadors choose how to promote and sell their books, and you can devote as much time to your business as you want.

Why Barefoot Books?
The most important factor in my decision to sell Barefoot Books was the products themselves.  I have a young child, so I see a lot of children's books.  In my opinion, the Barefoot Books products are unparalleled in quality and beauty.  I love the company's commitment to multiculturalism and eco-awareness.  I love the educational end notes at the back of the books.  I love that the books inspire children's creativity and imagination, and are printed on ancient forest-friendly paper, using soy- and vegetable-based inks.  This is what sold me on the company.

Ambassador Starter Kit

At the time of sign-up, each new Ambassador purchases a Starter Kit, which is filled with the most valuable tools to get your business off the ground quickly and smoothly.   It includes loads of marketing materials that you'll use to promote your Barefoot Books business, as well as books and other products from each of the four Barefoot Books categories: Fun First Steps, Natural Child, Travel the World, and Tell Me a Story.  The Kit's retail value is $300, but new Ambassadors purchase it for $139.99.  (I think it's so useful, I purchased one myself as soon as they became available, even though I had already been an Ambassador for a year!)

Training Tools
The Barefoot Books website is full of great training tools for Ambassadors.  These include a series of videos about all aspects of your Barefoot Books business, guides and FAQs, and downloadable materials and resources.  These tools are constantly being refreshed and added to by the Barefoot Books corporate office, and I refer to them on a very regular basis.

Community Support
After I joined Barefoot Books, however, I realized that there's a wonderful community of Ambassadors around the world who are available to help, answer questions, make suggestions, and provide support.  Sure, Barefoot Books provides tools and resources that answered some of my questions and helped me start my business, but I've also learned a tremendous amount from other Ambassadors.

Check out the 2011 Ambassador Conference video to see what other Ambassadors have to say about their experiences.

Choose a Team Leader
In addition to the wonderful support available through the Ambassador community, it's very helpful to sign up with a Team Leader.  This person will be your primary support person, and is available to assist you on a personal level.  My Team Leader has been helpful to me in countless ways - from sharing the fliers and other marketing documents she's created, to sending me copies of books that I needed for customers on short notice.  I understand through experience the importance of having a strong Team Leader, and I strive to exceed the expectations of my team members.  Contact me for more information or to discuss joining my team.